Credit Cards

Citicards.Com Account Login, Registration and Bill Payment Guide

Citicards are a convenient way of managing one’s finances, credit card users can, therefore, carry out all their financial transactions, and manage their cards online. Queries and inquiries are easily informed by visiting Citicards website and the best thing about using the credit cards is that they come with cashback rewards.

Citicards are also versatile and will allow users to enjoy their normal lives without incurring any extra foreign transaction fees, anytime the card is used. Important to note is that there are various credit card options each of which offers unique benefits, it would, therefore, be of benefit to the traveler if they understood the benefits attached to their specific cards. In light of the above let us now get you onboard on how you can get your Citicard credit card.

How to Register Your Citi.Com Credit Card

Registering a credit card is a simple online process that will first require the users to download the Citi mobile application at After opening the application click on the prompt to either register or activate the card, you can then choose the type of account that suits you. The next step is to set up the credit account, from where you will have to take a photo of the credit card. Remember that the above process is done in the application.

As you take the photo ensure that your card number is facing upwards, however, taking the photo is not mandatory, as you can also choose to input the details of the card in the application. The next step is identity verification and you will either receive a call or email text or get a call with a one-time security code that will be input in the application to confirm ownership.

The new client will then create a user ID and password, this section runs a couple of options, where users are asked to provide their contact information and choose their email preferences. They will then answer some of the provided security questions; the user will then enroll in the paperless section and they are good to start using their credit card.

And given that phones are configured differently, users might be required to set up some optional features after which they can sign into their accounts at their convenience.

How to Activate Your Citi.Com Credit Card

Activating the credit card is a simple four-step process, which begins by first going into the Citibank online page at, the user will then proceed to login using their user ID and password, then click on the card activation prompt, located at the homepage. The last step is to input the number and the expiry date of the new card and the user’s date of birth.

In any event that the user fails to reactivate their card, their account will remain open, but they won’t be able to use it. On the other hand, there are individuals that will rarely use their cards, for the above, the account could probably be closed, and if there are any charges levied on the card, even without using the user will have to pay.

How to Login To Your Citi.Com Credit Card Account

Given that the Citi bank website has been optimized for mobile use, users have options when it comes to login into their account. The most important credentials for the successful completion of this process is their username and password, and if by any chance they lack both of the above, then they can just click on the first time users option. The next step would be to click on login and they can get access to their Citibank credit card account.

How to Pay Your Citi.Com Credit Card Bill

To pay the credit card bill, the user will first have to go to Citibanks online banking portal at, then select the E-pay option then proceed to input their credit card number complete with the transaction amount. The next step would be to choose the respective bank account, from which the amount will be debited.

The user will then login into their bank account, and proceed to authenticate their details and confirm their payment.

How to Reset Your Citi.Com Credit Card Password

Once you go online, go directly to the “My Citi dashboard,” then click on the “My Profile” link, you will then proceed to choose, your Citi online preferences, and which will be followed by the “Change Password” option. The user will then enter their old password, then their new password, and tap on the continue option from where their password will be changed.

Customer Service Contact Details

Citi has various published contact details to afford users the necessary help, users who, therefore, want to manage disputes with their account they can chat or call the service provider through 1-888-248-4226, for text telephone they can use the following numbers 1-800-945-0258.

And for the users who want to know the status of their bank accounts, as concerns credit card applications and loans, among others, they can call 1-800-745-1534 but be sure to have the reference number of their application closeby. And for those who wish to get in touch with the payment assistance team they can call 1-866-905-2784.

For users who have the Citi mobile application, they can use it to send messages to Citi, and the service provider will get back to them, and there is also the email option.