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It’s NOT Such a Wonderful Life

While it may it be a wonderful life for the big banks on Wall Street, here on Main Street too many of us are struggling this holiday season. The financial sector has collapsed the economy – gifting us with layoffs, debt and foreclosures. We need aggressive banking reform now to rein in the Mr. Potters and help out the George Baileys of the world! Bills will be up for votes in the House next week. The big banks have the big bucks, but we have the big numbers. Send a message to Congress today!

Audit the Federal Reserve

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has rallied the troops again on a modest bill to audit the Federal Reserve. While the Treasury Department is posting TARP bailout recipients and amounts on their webpage, the Fed is quietly spending much more, as much as $2 trillion, but is not telling us who is getting the money or why. Paul’s bill has 300 cosponsors. Now if congressional leaders would only put the bill to a vote, we might find out where the Banksters hid the big bucks.

No New Powers for the Fed

A New Way Forward, a rocking netroots group, wants to prevent the Federal Reserve from being chosen as the nation’s “systemic risk regulator.”  The proposal would give the biggest banks special privileges and goverment guarantees that would put small banks at a disadvantage. The Fed missed the housing bubble, it missed the Internet bubble, why should it be given another chance to crash the U.S. economy?

Demand Accountability, Fairness, and Security

Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of 200 consumer, labor and housing groups, is tracking every move of the financial services re-regulation fight and making a difference in the halls of Congress. Their top priority? Making sure that a powerful Consumer Financial Protection Agency is created to protect every American from the deceptive tricks and traps of the financial services industry.

Put an End to Death Bonds

Just in time for Halloween, the Center for Community Change is targeting the most macabre investment scheme yet, “death bonds” being peddled by Goldman Sachs. Believe it or not, the Banksters have found a new way to prey upon the vulnerable by buying up life insurance policies and bundling them into investment products. Investors are in effect gambling on when the policyholder will die, and they get paid off when they do. Hard to believe? Check out the amazing “Death to Death Bonds” video.

Book ‘Em!

On the one-year anniversary of the Banksters blowing a hole in the global economy, no employee of a major American bank or financial institution is behind bars. Compare this to what happened after the Savings and Loan heist almost 20 years ago. No less than 1,852 S&L officials were prosecuted and 1,072 were jailed. Over 500 CEOs and top officers were indicted. What is going on here? Don’t we believe in holding people accountable anymore? Tell the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI to get cracking! Our motto? TOO BIG TO FAIL, BUT NOT TOO BIG TO GO TO JAIL!
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Put a New Sheriff on the Block!


The Banksters have pulled off the biggest heist of all time. They have collapsed the economy, throwing 7 million out of work and jeopardizing the future of millions more. Yet they are rewarded with taxpayer bailouts that subsidize their bonuses even while their banks are technically bankrupt; they continue to prey upon the vulnerable with new investment products such as “death bonds” and their lobbyists swarm Capitol Hill trying to prevent the passage of any meaningful reform. Say NO! to the Banksters and tell Congress that we need a new Sheriff in Washington, D.C. in the form of a CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION AGENCY.