Getchaseink.Com Invitation Number and Activation Guide

Small businesses face a myriad of challenges with the biggest one being financial, either in terms of the on-going costs or overall money management. Other problems are such as client dependence and balancing quality and growth. So of the myriad of issues, Chase bank has stretched out a helping hand to the small businesses and provided them with up to three types of credit cards. The first one being the Ink cash business card, then there is the ink bold business card and the ink plus business card.

Each of the mentioned cards above comes with special features and benefits. Applicants must also attain some level of qualification before they are issued with any of the cards. For example, for one to qualify for the ink business cash card, their credit score must be relatively high, at least 700 going up. Most importantly is that Chase normally uses the personal credit score as a merit to determine whether you qualify for their ink cards or not.

Where do you find your invitation number?

Obtaining a credit card will require some effort from the customer but the major decision including the invitation to apply comes from the bank. If you are therefore, looking to be approved for the chase bank ink business cards you must be over 18 years, have an income-generating business, and of course a solid credit score. Important to note is that the requirements for getting any of the Chase bank cards differ.

Individuals who the Chase bank team thinks qualifies for the credit cards will receive invitations to apply, and which are normally available in two distinct versions. There is the letter of invitation to apply and the prescreened letters, if by any chance you receive the prescreened letter in your mail, then you can be sure that your credit score has a good standing and have, therefore, been pre-approved for one of the Chase ink credit cards.

If you get the letter of invitation to apply, just know that you have not been pre-approved, but you have been given the opportunity to apply for one of their cards. For both letters, the potential credit card holders are at the mercy of Chase bank, as they can either approve or disapprove.

Once you have your GetChaseInk Invitation Number

Once you get the invitation number, which comprises 12 digits, you are now free to apply for the chase ink credit card. This procedure applies to individuals who have been prescreened, and the application process can be done at The two conditions that must be strictly observed are that you must be a legal US resident, and 18 years of age or older.

How to activate your credit card from

Chase bank has provided a published Chase card credit card activation number, which is 800-432-3117, the cardholder will, therefore, call the number and give out the last digits of their card number and then follow the prompts.

How to activate your chase credit card online

Chase credit cards at times come with stickers that contain a secure website link, which can be used to activate the card. The cardholder will then use the link to gain access to Chase bank websites, and respond to the prompts then answer some of the security questions. Failure to activate your card may impact your credit score; however, the card remains open.

How to pay my GetChaseInk credit card

Making your chase ink card payments can take various directions, one is via the online platform and the second method is through the phone. For the online payments, open your favorite browser and type in, from where you will sign in, and then proceed to make the online payment.

Payments can also be made through the chase mobile application, first, the cardholder must ensure to download the application then proceed to sign in, and select the account for the card that they want, and then click on the pay card feature. They will then input the amount and the account from which money will be deducted, and then add the payment date. For the latter users have the option of scheduling a payment.

And can, therefore, click on the schedule option carefully confirm their choices and then tap on schedule it. Other payment options are mail or through western union, for the latter, the cardholder will use the Code City Walnut, users might however have to wait for up to 7 days before the payments reflect in their accounts.

Payments can also be made by mail, by sending the check or money order with the cardholder’s name and their account number. The details can be sent to card member services, P.O. Box 6294 Carol Stream, IL 60197-6294. Chase Bank does not accept cash payments sent over the mail, cardholders who want to quickly complete the process online can do it before 8 pm ET and the payments will be credited the same day and posted the same day except for Saturday.

Online payments that will be made between 8 pm and 11:59 pm ET will also be credited the same day and posted the same day, except for Friday.