Mercury Cards

Mercury Credit Card Login, Activate and Card Payment Guide

The Mercury Master cards have been configured to specifically cater to the industrious mid-market consumers, who have been provided for with advanced credit cards and at a budget-friendly price.  Mercury cards are products of the First Bank and Trust and have been made transparent so that users can check the status of their credit card score, and correct the things that make it fluctuate.

If you, therefore, decide to settle with the Mercury cards, you can forget about the annual fees, and which by extension means that you can autonomously use a small or a higher amount of money. The biggest advantage of investing in the Mercury Master card is that users are not faced with geographical boundaries, and can, therefore; use them anywhere around the world.

What’s more, is that the Mercury cardholders are protected if the card either gets lost or is stolen. Reporting the card stolen, works for the benefit of the cardholder because, it frees them from fraud liability; so in case of any fraudulent purchases, the lender takes full responsibility, and will, therefore, close the older card and provide the user with a new one.

How to Register your Mercury Master Card

Having trouble accessing, below is a simple process to ensure that you utilize all the relevant services. Cardholders will first have to go to, from where they will click the prompt register for online access. They will then have to provide up to 3 relevant and personal information; the first one being the card or account number, then the 4 digits of their SSN, and lastly their birth month and year.

How to Activate your Mercury Card

The Mercury card remains a useless piece of plastic until it is activated making it easy for users to easily access the relevant services. The activation process is pretty effortless, and users will, therefore, visit Mercury Card’s official website, where they will be presented with a menu, then proceed to select the “Activate my card” option.

They will then input their details on the relevant fields, after which they will enter their new card number; the next step would be to input the last 4 digits of their SSN, then their birth year and month. Clicking on the proceed button will allow the cardholders to access the various services such as bill payment and shopping from the virtual stores.

Mercury Credit card login

In your browser, you will go to Mercury, and on the presented page you will search for the Manage My Credit Card Option. Then proceed to sign in with your username and password and then click on the sign-in option and you will be logged into your credit card account.

How to pay your Mercury credit card bill?

Clearing your Mercury credit card bill can be done in three distinct ways, beginning with the simplest method, which is through the phone. For the latter, you will use the automated call service over your phone, through the numbers, 866-686-2158 and you will be directed on how you will complete the payment.

The second equally simple method of clearing your Mercury credit card bill is through their online platform, and which you must do through the service provider’s official website, . After gaining access to the mentioned website, you will be directed to a homepage and it is from here that you will click the payment feature.

You will then proceed to enter the birth month and the birth year, then the credit card number, and lastly the social security number.  First Bank and Trust seek to embrace all categories of credit card users and have also, provided them with the option of paying their Mercury credit card bill by mail.

Cardholders will, therefore, send the relevant funds complete with their full names and the last four digits of their card number to

Card Services

P.O BOX 70168

Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168

Customer Service contact details

Provision of reliable customer service contact details in a way builds confidence with clients or the cardholders because they know that their queries will be addressed on time. The most convenient contact details being the direct phone numbers for quick resolution of urgent card issues or emailing, for users who are not in a hurry.

Below are some of the most reliable customer service numbers; For cardholders who want to make their Mercury credit card payment through the phone, the relevant contact details are (844) 303-5355.

Individuals who want to process their mercury card contact information can access the merchant services through 800-846-4472 ext1801. Voice authorization service contact details are 800-944-1111, and to reach out to technical support, the provided contact details are 800-846-4472 ext 1818. And for the emergency technical support contact details, cardholders can use theedge@mercury

Users have also been provided with up to two payment mailing addresses the card services that we have discussed above and the overnight express mail through the

Lockbox services,

Box # 70168,

400 White Clay Center Dr

Newark, DE 19711.

For the above, cardholders must be sure to include their full names and the last four digits of their card number.