Prepaid Activate Card, Registration and Application Guide

Animal health revolves around three important aspects, grooming, nutrition, and diseases. Ensuring that your pets are in optimum health, prevents costly veterinary visits and by extension protects you from transmissible diseases. Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities and that is why many people give a lot of consideration to their lifestyle and the type of pet that will fit their budget.

Talking about budget and costs as concerns pet care, the prepaid bl pet rebates provides pet owners with an easy way of catering to the health needs of their pets. The prepaid bl pet rebates service is available in the form of a prepaid visa debit card that comes with a pre-existing load value that can be used just like one would use a cash card.

However, for one to qualify for the visa debit card, they must first purchase a rebate-eligible pet healthcare product from a Boehringer Ingelheim brand such as NexGard or Oravet.

How to Apply For My Prepaid BI Pet Rebates

For one to qualify for the rebate card, they must first purchase animal or veterinary products from an authorized pet clinic. After purchase individuals will get a printout of the receipt, which contains the offer code. A copy of the receipt will then be made by scanning.

In your favorite browser, you will enter the company’s official website link Then proceed to enter the offer code on the receipt, the purchase date will also be required, from where you will be directed to upload the initially scanned copy of the receipt, and the rebate form that you received. To get the form as a customer, you will have to provide your mailing address in the customer information section, and just like the previous receipt, you will also make a scanned copy to use later.

For the latter, you will need up to four files, you will then input your personal information and re-check for accuracy, and submit. The pet owner will then be provided with a tracking number on the thank you page, which will be used to track the arrival of the card.

How to activate my prepaid BiPetRebrates card

The prepaid bI pet rebates activation is a simple four-step process that will first require a visit to Once on the site, you will be presented with a welcome to your rewards program page, and here you will input the first 6 digits of your card, and select the enter button to activate your card.

After the card activation process is complete, cardholders can now retrieve their account information, such as the card details, and transactions; they can check their account balance and even set a memorable PIN.

Another activate method is by calling the number on the sticker, for your card to be activated, for this option, all the automated prompts must be completed for successful activation.

How to Check Your Rebate Prepaid Visa Card Balance

Anytime that you receive a reward card, it is important to first check the initial balance and even track the balance after making purchases. To check your card balance among other relevant information, you can visit balance or and then proceed to the My Card Account feature.

A prompt will be presented where you will have to input the first 6 digits of the prepaid visa card, select enter, and then select the most relevant function. You could either check your card balance, your transaction record, or the statement of the account.

What happens if I lose my BIPetrebate prepaid Visa Card?

If you lose your card, or maybe it has registered a transaction that you did not authorize, you will have to file a report with the BIPetrebate customer service desk. Other transactional disputes can be made on a downloadable form, which must be printed, filled, and then sent back, through email, fax, or mail.

Benefits of the BIpetrebate Prepaid Visa Card

The BIPetrebate prepaid visa card does not come with restrictions when it comes to using, the only thing that you have to be sure of is that your purchases are rebate eligible. So, instead of going online to check if a particular pet product is rebate eligible anytime that you want to make a purchase. You could as well, purchase the pet products from your veterinarian and confirm from them, the rebate details.

If you are a pet owner and have the Bipetrebate prepaid visa card, then you are free to purchase a breadth of assorted pet products ranging from foodstuff to healthcare products. In simple terms is that there are no restrictions on how you use the visa card, remember, however, that the amount on each product will vary.

Most importantly is that each product comes with a unique retail price, and which is tied to the current promotional offer and time.