Rooms to go Credit Card

RoomsToGo Credit Card Login, Application and Payment Guide

Rooms to go offers homeowners a chance to take a targeted approach towards furnishing their homes with a wide variety of good quality furniture, ranging from the children’s furnishings to the living, dining, bedroom, and outdoor furniture. The Rooms to go credit card provides an opportunity for individuals to make several purchases and only pay for the sales tax and the delivery fees.

The credit card also attracts interest-free financing that runs for a solid five years. For the above, however, there is a catch where individuals are required to make the best of the deferred interest period. By failing to make payments for the purchases within the stated period, the credit cardholders will be subjected to the rooms to go credit card APR.

Getting approval for the Rooms to go credit card requires adherence to the organization’s policies, where individuals have to ensure that they have a credit score range of 630-689. On the flip side, with a Rooms to go credit card, homeowners can carry any furniture of their liking to their homes without having to part with a single coin at least for the next 180 days.

How to apply for Rooms to go credit card

Applying for the Rooms to go credit card takes a short time, let’s say about five minutes maximum. The application process is easily done online, via the rooms to go credit card website from where the applicant will be provided with an application form.

The form requires the applicant to provide their details, such as their social security number, address, and annual income. After successfully providing the above information, the applicant would need to verify the accuracy of the information they have just provided before clicking the submit button. It is important to note that the applicant’s credit score plays an important role when it comes to getting the rooms to go credit card. Applicants with a low credit score will rarely get approved for the credit card because the service provider does not have confidence in their ability to pay for the purchases. In as much so, the applicant can circumnavigate this hurdle by submitting a joint application with another person who has a higher credit score.

How to Activate Your Rooms to Go, Credit Card

Once you receive your rooms to go credit card, you must activate it to ensure it is functional. The process will be completed in the rooms to go website, through the company’s login page. Then proceed to the Register for the First Time Users feature, and provide the relevant details.

A password and a username will be required to help you access the account, including your CVV necessary for the cash transactions. Here, one important thing to note is that all the above processes are done within a diminishing time window.

Rooms to go make a payment online

Rooms to go prepaid credit card owners have two options when it comes to making payments. They can either settle their bill through one-time online payments from their bank accounts or make 12 separate payments, all with future dates. Most importantly is that account holders should be sure to complete the payments by 11:59 pm EST.

The online payments are done through the “My Synchrony website” where cardholders will have to provide their rooms to go account number, the last four digits of their security number, and their birth date details. The final process will be to ensure that the correct rooms to go account shows on the screen.

Rooms to go credit card phone number is another convenient feature when trying to settle the credit card debt and all that the applicants have to do is call 855-875-1850 and state that they want to make payments. Afterward, they will be provided with instructions to complete the Rooms to go pay by phone transaction. An important thing to note is that this service is not free, and account holders can always find alternative means of help within the 5 working days from 9 am to 6 pm.

How to pay for your rooms to go credit card by mail

Rooms to go credit payment by mail is not as easy as all the other payment options, which seem to be instantaneous and less time-consuming.

Account-holders who wish to settle their payments by mail must be sure to do so within seven to ten business days before the due date so that they aren’t caught up with the credit card penalties. The payments can be made by checks or by using the money orders, which will be mailed to Synchrony Bank, P.O. BOX 960061 Orlando FL 32896-00611.

How to make your rooms to go credit card payment in store

Making payments for your rooms to go credit card in-store requires the card user to present themselves physically at the store. The only downside with this method is that users will have to use a debit card.