Chase Credit or Debit card

How to Activate your Chase Debit Card using the Activation Number

A good number of account owners tend to rely on their service providers for the safety of their information and by extension their credit or debit cards. And while this might be their primary duty in ensuring long-term customer relations by keeping the cards safe, card owners are also responsible for their cards, to a certain extent such as verifying their cards.

So, what goes into card verification, the sole objective of verifying a debit or credit card, is to ensure that the credit card number provided is associated with a valid open account, and can, therefore, be stored, in the vault and be charged successfully.

What is Credit Card Verification?

Card verification is not a one-sided affair, but will apply to both the service provider and the card user. So, once you apply for the credit card, let’s say for example in Chase bank, they must verify a good number of your details to establish whether or not you qualify for the credit card. Your bank will then check your employment history, and also do a thorough check on the income information that you will have given out.

What’s more is that the banks will check the clients CIBIL score, which will help determine the card limit, an individuals income will also be a determinant in this step.

Chase Debit Card Verification (also works for Chase Credit Cards)

Chase card verification can be done 2 ways, either online or through the phone. To verify your chase credit or debit card online, in your browser you will go to then proceed to sign in to your account, and then on the Accounts option find your new card. Remember that this option is only valid for users who already have a Chase bank account. If you don’t have an account then it is mandatory that you first create an account for your card.

The options for the latter are quite obvious and you can, therefore, click on the sign-up feature or the Not Enrolled option. And just like any other account opening process, you will have to choose a username and password, once you have the necessary details, you will now go back and log in then provide your credit card information and choose the specific card that you are registering for.

And after providing the card activation code, other important details will be required, afterwhich you can then click finish.

Chase Card Activation and Verification Can Be Done Through the Phone

Users can, therefore, active chase debit card, over the phone by dialing the chase card activation number, 800-432-3117, and then be keen on the prompts that should guarantee the successful activation of your card.

How to Activate your Chase Debit card online

To activate chase debit card online, you must first log into your account, using your username and password, and proceed to the Activate Card option and select it. You will then be redirected to another screen and here you will provide the 16 digit card number and then proceed to verify your identity.

Activate Chase Debit Card using the mobile App

Ensure to first download the Chase mobile application, then proceed to sign in to your account, then on the Chase Business complete checking the account title and choose Accept. The cardholder will then select the get started option, go through the terms of use, then select Accept a Card Payment.  The above then leave you open to accepting card payments by suing the Chase Quick Accept option.

Chase Debit Card Activation Number

Once you receive your new Chase debit card, you will get numbers on the card that you can use for activation. There will be a number on the sticker at the front part of your card, or you could find a phone number at the back of your card. Call the number and provide your card number, most debit card companies normally have an automated system that will help verify whether your card is activated or not.

If the card is not activated then you can be sure that you will be guided through the card activation process. In most cases, however, some people will activate their cards by either making a deposit or a withdrawal at an ATM.

Cardholders will, therefore, visit an ATM of their respective banks, then insert the card and enter the relevant pin, then proceed with the transaction, which will activate the card. If you are, however, dealing with a chase debit card, and are wondering whether the activation process was complete, just visit a Chase bank ATM, or try and make a cheap online purchase. If any of the above doesn’t prove successful then you must contact customer service.

Given the delicate nature of debit cards, as a rule of thumb if you have unresolved questions or concerns about your card, best you visit your local Chase Bank branch.