Fortiva Com Acceptance Code Acceptance Code, Application and Payment Guide

The one advantage of having the fortiva card is that it can be used internationally, including in the USA and in 200 other countries. The big question therefore, is must you have the fortiva card? Well this particular card can be a useful resource for people who suffer from a poor credit score. The latter can bring down an Armageddon of mayhem beginning from being denied a cell phone contract; individuals might not be able to get approval for an apartment and in some cases, they might even be denied employment.

Getting the fortiva card is not as easy as it sounds because a potential credit card owner must first have a pre-approved offer code. But once you have it, you can forget about the hundreds of dollars that people are forced to leave behind as deposit, the card however attracts the one-time annual or monthly fees. Fortiva card is also subject to limitations, in that the financial institution may independently decide to adjust a customer’s credit limit increase, by decreasing, increasing, or removing it as they deem fit.

How to apply for a Fortiva Credit Card

Application for a Fortiva card can be via three different methods. Either:

  • Over the phone,
  • By mail,
  • Through email

Users who prefer the phone application process can dial 800-245-7741, and ensure that the relevant documents are in hand complete with an Identity card. Remember to remain truthful when answering questions over the phone so that the credit card customer service agents can apply for the credit card.

For email, application visit, and you will be presented with an empty form and which you will input your personal details, then click on submit. Application through mail can be sent to Fortiva, P.O. Box, 105555 Atlanta, GA 30348-5555. Acceptance Code

Prior to the fortiva credit card application, the potential credit card owner must ensure to have acquired the acceptance code, which normally comes with the promotional mail. The above is one of the reasons why once you get your mail, you have to keep it or retrieve the code for later use. But if you accidentally lose the code or the mail, you can always call Fortiva Card customer service for assistance.

Fortiva Credit Card Application – How to

Fortiva runs an official website where its clients can converge to access the relevant services, and the officially published website is Once you have logged in to the website, a user will be presented with a Respond to mail offer, which is a link situated close to the top center of the page.

They will then proceed to input the fortivacredit card com acceptance code, in the provided space, and the code can be retrieved at the very bottom of their mail offer. The user will then select the submit code, button, and proceed with the remaining prompts to complete the fortiva credit card application process. Given that the issuance of the fortiva credit card is a process that is not subject to many regulations, users will still be required to provide important personal details such as their yearly income.

How to Activate your Fortiva Card

The Fortiva credit card can be activated at the Fortiva account centre, and the process is pretty simple, so once you have logged into Fortiva’s official website, you will locate the Activate option at the top right corner of the page, and select it. A user will then be presented with two options which will both activate the card, and they will either have to enroll or sign in.

For individuals who have existing Fortiva accounts, they can proceed to sign in, by providing their username and password and then click on the fortiva sign-in option, and the Fortiva card will have been successfully activated.

How to pay your Fortiva Credit Card bill

Payments of the Fortiva credit card can be made either by phone, through the online payments, or by mail. For payments done through the Fortiva App, account holders must first download the application in the App Store and download the FORTIVA ACCOUNT CENTER, application, log in and follow the prompts to complete the payment process.

Users can also decide to make the payments online, and which will require them to first visit Fortiva’s homepage, then find the manage my account option, input their user name and password, to complete the fortiva sign-in process. The next process will be to choose the pay bill, enter the amount that they are needed to pay, and pay off their bills.

For the fortiva account holders wishing to make their payments through the mail, they can send their mails through Fortiva, P.O BOX 10555, Atlanta GA 30348-5555.

Benefits of using Fortiva Credit Cards 

  • Interested individuals can get the card even with a bad credit score
  • The Fortiva credit cards can be used to build an individual’s credit score
  • Fortiva credit cards offer $0 fraud liability
  • Security of the credit card has been enhanced with the EMV chip known to reduce the risk of counterfeit.