My Indigo Card

MyIndigoCard Login, Activate and Registration Guide

Celtic Bank provides a potentially safer method of improving an individual’s credit through its sophisticated vibrant Indigo cards.  The card has been designed to cater to two categories of individuals, those seeking to establish credit and the one’s seeking to re-establish their credit. The Utah-based company is determined to build their client’s credit reputation to appeal to the major credit card bureaus, which are Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.

My Indigo Card Complete User Guide

The bureaus will, therefore, collect personal financial information from Celtic Bank, which they will use to calculate an individual’s credit score. Information collected includes the amount of debt an individual has, compared to their credit limit; they will also dig into the bill payment history, and the length of the credit history, which will be used to provide information on the spending habits. There is also the credit mix, which is used to determine a person’s ability to manage various accounts.

How to Register My Indigo Card

To successfully register your Indigo Card, you will first have to visit the company’s official website, www., and at the right upper side of the home screen, you will be presented with up to four options, but from which you will click on register. You will then be redirected to a new page, where you will be presented with a registration form.

Input your account number, which is the code that appears on your My Indigo Card; you will also be required to provide your date of birth in the correct sequence; then input your social security number, which usually comes with your card. Once all the fields have been correctly filled you will press the next option to complete the process and start managing all your financial activities online.

Individuals who otherwise feel that the above process is hectic can easily activate their Indigo Mastercard, by reaching out to customer service, through their telephone number 1-866-946-9545.

My Indigo Card Activate

Activation of myIndigo card can be done in two simple processes; the first one is by visiting www.”myindigocard”.com to activate, the site purely deals with card activation or through the mobile phone.

MyIndigocard/activate can be done easily through a users smart phone and all they have to do is dial the customer service number on their website, 1-866-946-9545. And while this option runs a couple of services, the user will press #, to speak to the company’s executive agent, for assistance with myindigocard activate process.

Indigo Card, Online activation process

So, for you to use your new MyIndigocard,, it first has to be activated, the second activation procedure is pretty simple done online, thus save the users time and money. Users will, therefore, be required to visit the “,” website

On the website, you will be provided with a home page, where you will log in and tap on the card activate feature. You will then proceed to enter your log-in details, (Username and Password), which will ensure that you have successfully logged into your account. You will then have to input your card details, but for the card that you wish to activate; users will also have to settle with a strong pin code, and then proceed to press on the activation tab. To know that your card is working, you will be provided with a notification that your card has been activated.

How to Login to your Indigo Platinum Card?

To access the features and services of the Indigo Platinum Card, a user must first log in to their account; so the first step will be to visit myindigocard login official site, then input the login credentials (Username and Password). The last step will be to click on the log-in button in my indigo card com login and the card holder will be directed to their Indigo platinum master card.

If you are visiting the website for the first time, then you might want to take some time and learn how to interact with the various features, for effective utilization.

How to pay My Indigo Card bill?

Settling your Indigo platinum credit card bill, should not stress you out, because it is a simple 4 step process, however, you must ensure that you make the payments before 5 pm, for it to reflect the very same day. You will, therefore, first sign into your account, move the cursor to the “bill pay” tab, from where you will enter the routing and your bank account number. You will then proceed to choose the amount that you want to pay complete with the respective date of payment.

How to reset your Indigo Platinum card password

For a successful password reset process, you will go to Indigo’s official website, “indigo. Then click the Forgot Your Username and Password Tab; you will then be provided with an empty username field where you will input your username, ensure to input the correct user ID, then input the last 4 digits of your account number.

Proceed to enter your social security number in the relevant space, your date of birth then click on the submit option.