Carters Credit Card

Carters Credit Card Login Payments and Customer Service Guide

Carters credit cards are niche-specific and will, therefore, be useful for people who love to shop for kid’s clothing and toys. The credit card is restricted when it comes to use and can, only be used at specific shops, such as the Skip Hop, Carters, and OshKosh B’gosh; the above notwithstanding the Comenity Capital Bank credit card can be managed easily through Carter’s mobile application which is quite effective especially when it comes to tracking purchases and gaining rewards.

Owning Carter’s credit card attracts a couple of advantages; the first one is that you get the first priority access to the store’s biggest sales and events. And even better is that card owners are allowed to shop hours earlier before, other customers who don’t have the store’s credit card. And for as much as kid’s cloth shopping has been restricted to only three shops, through the carters credit card Sign In, cardholders have been given the liberty to do their shopping either online or by physically visiting the store.

How to Register Your Carters Credit Card

Registering for a Carters Credit card is quite simple, interested users will, therefore; have to visit the official Carters website, then click on the register now option. Cardholders will then input their credit card number details, their zip code or postal code, then the last four digits of their SSN. They will then click on the find my account feature, to create a new account.

The successful completion of the above process, gives the cardholder, the liberty to login to the platform, and manage their account from the different types of devices. Online registration of Carter’s credit card exposes the cardholders to a myriad of benefits, the most relevant one being applying for message alerts, and notifications from emails, easy performance of the transaction activity, and viewing of the FICO score at zero costs.

Carters Credit card login

To login into your Carter’s credit card account, you will go to Https:// The cardholder will then input his/her username and password, then tick on the “remember me” option to make it easy to sign back in, more especially if the actions are being done remotely. The user will then click on the sign-in button to proceed into their account.

Carters Credit Card Payment

Comenity capital bank has provided its clients with two methods of settling their bills, and they can, therefore, do it either online or through the phone. The online payment process necessitates the Carters Credit Card Sign In process for the payments to be made, and given that users are restricted to the number of stores that they can make their purchases, the process is pretty simple and fast.

The second step is by making a call, using the number that has been published at the back of Carter’s credit card. Users who, therefore, prefer to make the call will use the numbers, 1-877-321-8509; the same number can also be used to reach customer service for issues concerning Carter’s credit card account.

How to reset your Carter’s credit card password

Login password recovery process will require the cardholder to first locate the area from where they can recover their login credentials, which is under the Carter’s Credit Card Login feature. Important to note is that you must first make the online identity verification, where you will key in your account information.

The information needed is your ID, the Zip code, and the last four digits of your SSN; the cardholder will then hit the button to locate their account once they have finished. Comenity Capital bank will then ensure that you can retrieve your Carters Credit Card Login information through the provided on-screen steps.

Other benefits of using the Carters credit card

Rewards- Carter’s credit card attracts up to two points for every dollar spent on purchases, and cards holders who make purchases of up to $10 can earn up to 150points. The rewards can then be used to make more purchases in the store.

First purchase discount

Comenity Capital bank is quite generous and seeks to embrace all their new clients, so for the new card owners, they will be provided with rewards for their first purchases. So, the moment they make a purchase in the relevant stores with the cards they get up to 25% off.


The Carter’s credit card does not seem like it carries a lot of financial obligations but remember that for you to make purchases you must be able to pay, which then calls for restrictions on individuals who can own the card.

The potential Carters Credit card owner must, therefore, be 18 years of age or over, possess a valid ID that must have been issued by the government, and a valid tax ID number such as the SSN or the SIN number. Lastly, cardholders must provide a valid street address, complete with a unique mailing address and not the PO type.