Register the TJ Maxx Credit Card

TJMaxx Card Login, Registration, Activation and Bill Payment Guide

Individuals, who shop at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Sierra, and the Home Good stores, can make good their shopping experience by using the TJX rewards credit card to score discounts. The credit card comes with benefits and users will, therefore, be able to scoop up to 10% off their first in-store purchase; they also stand to earn up to about 5 points for every $1 that they spend for purchases at the store.

Now the best thing about using this credit card is that the cardholders will receive up to $10, in the TJX reward certificates, for every 1000 points that they earn. Synchrony Bank seeks to keep their clients glued to the TJX credit card by giving them irresistible offers, cards holders will, therefore, be exempted from the annual fee but only after paying their bills in full on a monthly basis.

 How to Register the TJ Maxx Credit Card

TJX card registration takes on different modalities; the cardholders will, therefore, have to register for online access, register for the TJX rewards login and activate their cards.

Online registration allows users to easily manage their cards through the provided online platform. So, for the successful completion of the online registration card holders, will have to visit the official TJ Maxx credit site, From where they will be presented with the official page, and on the option Login to your account, users will find the first time register option which they will select.

On the upper right hand, Tjx clients have been offered a helping option, in case they experience problems with registration. By selecting the registration option, cardholders will then be presented with the Credit number and billing zip code fields, which they must fill and then proceed to click on the continue button to register their accounts.

How to register for TJX rewards login

This option only works for users who have already applied for the TJX rewards credit card. The registration process will, therefore, proceed from, users will then click on the continue to account service option, then they will click on register. The next step would be to enter the credit card number and the zip code and then click on the continue button.

The above process allows your TJX credit card to be linked with your login thus enable easy login to the TJX Rewards credit card account.

How to active the TJX rewards card

Under the TJX rewards portion of Review my, cardholders can easily activate their TJX rewards credit card by simply clicking “activate my card.” The next step would be to click on the register and activate button, a feature that has been placed under the Activate your Card Text, and the TJX rewards card will be active and ready for use.

TJ Maxx card login

For the tjmaxx card login, users must first visit the official bank site, from where they will be presented with the TJ Maxx secure login. Cardholders will then proceed to input their username and account password that is connected to the credit card.

If the above Tjx credit card login process is not successful and assistance is needed from the service providers, then users can reach out to the TJX master card customer service through the published phone number, 877-890-3150. And for issues with the stores credit card users can get help by dialing the published customer service number 877-890-3150.

TJ Maxx Credit card payment

To settle the TJ Maxx bills, users can either do it online or they can make the payments by phone. Remember that users do get two different cards, with which they will have to make payments. If you, therefore, need to make payments, for the TJX Store Credit Card, the published customer service number is 800-952-6133. And for the payments that are to be made through MasterCard, cardholders can use the 877-890-3150 customer service published numbers.

The other viable credit card payment option is through mail, and both the MasterCard and the Store credit cards have different addresses. And so that you don’t get confused we have outlined them below.

Store credit cards– P.O Box 530948

-Atlanta, GA 30353-0948

For the MasterCard Accounts- P.o Box 530949

-Atlanta, GA 30353-0949

How to reset your TJ Maxx Credit Card password

Sometimes our memories can fail us, especially when we have to memorize different sets of numbers, and the passwords are no exception. So, in case you forget your TJ Maxx Credit card password, then you will have to go though the tjx credit card login process. The first step will be to log in to, then click on the “forgot password” link at the bottom of the page.

You will then be requested to enter your user ID and Zip code then click on the continue option and follow the instructions to reset your TJ Maxx credit card password.