Toys R Us Cards

Toys R Us Credit Card Payments, Activation, Registration and Login Guide

The Toysrus credit card were initially configured for use only in the Toys R Us stores, and were therefore, used for toy purchases. And the best feature of the credit cards, are with the rewards that only benefited the regular shoppers. The credit card users could, therefore, shop at either Toys R Us or Babies R Us shops and redeem their points, with 125 points going for up to $5.

The cardholders also enjoyed discounts and sales offers and while doing the in-store purchases they could get up to 10% off. Toys R Us ran a lot of offers in a bid to remain competitive and attract many more shoppers and clients. They gave back to society through the special birthday gifts that were given to their customers, and clients could also bank their points and use them for future purchases.

Apart from the two store-branded cards, the retailer accepted other cards such as the American Express credit cards, the master and visa cards. Synchrony Bank, offers up to two types of the Toys R Us cards, with the first one being the “R” Us Credit Card that could be used either online or in the physical Babies R Us or Toys R Us stores. Then there is the R Us Master Cards, which could be used anywhere.

How to Register the Toysrus credit card

Registration of the toysrus Credit cards is done through their official website,     

After login into the website, the card holders will scroll down and below the login tab, find the “I want to register link.” This registration process allows for online access, and the provided fields will require the credit card holder to enter their account number and their zip code. More information will be required from you, which will be used to create your user ID and password.

Once the above process has been successful, you will then go back to the login page, and input your new user ID and Password, and proceed to login into your new account.

How to Activate the Toysrus credit cards

Activating your Toysrus credit cards is a simple five-step process, and users will therefore have to go to the Toys R Us login page, then click on the option “Activate My Card,” then proceed to click on Register and Activate my Card. The cardholder will then input their account number, and click Next; the last step involves validating the card, where users will be required to select their security and a personalized image, then proceed to click finish. After which their accounts will be fully activated.

How to login to your Toysrus credit card account

To log into your toysrus credit card account, will require you to use your user ID and password. Cardholders who want to transact through their Toys R Us accounts can go to,

Click on the link and input their user ID and Password and then proceed to login.

How to pay your Toyrus credit card bill

When it comes to paying your Toysrus credit card bills, cardholders have up to three options, they can, therefore, pay by mail, phone, or through the online platforms.

Pay the Toysrus credit card payment by phone- Paying your bills by phone has to be the easiest thing you will ever do because the cardholder simply has to dial the published telephone number and follow the provided instructions. If you, therefore, want to use your MasterCard credit card to pay bills, you will dial 1855-389-2359, but for individuals who want to pay the Toys R Us Stores, they can use the published number 1855-389-2365.

Remember that for the above numbers, you will be interacting with an automated voice option and not a customer service representative.

Pay the Toysrus card bills online

On the Toysrus credit card website, the cardholder will log in to their accounts, using their user ID and Password, from where they will be redirected to the credit card website dashboard; and here they will click on the Toysrus credit card payment option and proceed to pay their bills.

Pay the Toysrus card bills by mail

For this option, the cardholders will have to send their check or money draft to the published address for payment.

How to reset your Toysrus credit card password

Memorizing numbers can be confusing and the chances of forgetting the sequence of the digits are very high, if you have, therefore, by any chance forgotten your Toysrus credit card password, don’t fret because the recovery process is pretty easy.

On the toysrus credit card website, you will click on the forgot my password link, then you will input your account user id complete with your mailing address and select the continue option. Once you are sure, you have input the correct information, you can now create your new password, and proceed to log into your account.